Are you looking for an attractive jewelry showcase for your retail shop? Whether you want a modern or unique jewelry showcase for business, we can design and produce it for you. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry showcase here. It is suitable for retail shops. Such as jewelry stores, cell phone shops, boutique stores, sunglasses stores, watch stores, and even engraving shops.

jewelry showcase

Introduction of jewelry showcase

The jewelry cabinet size is 4ft long, and merchants can set it at the center of the shop, at the entrance, or against the wall. We mainly use MDF to build the jewelry showcase, the surface treatment is a glossy white color. The silver metal frame supports the glass showcase and also decorates the jewelry showcase. LED light lamps attach to the top of the glass area, which is brighter than the jewelry. While the bottom has lock cabinets used as storage. View mall stall designs

watch stand

We can also get a better shop effect with wall cabinets and glass display shelving. With changeable display showcases, guests will be attracted by the highlighted items. It attracts eyes’ attention and gains more business. Check more jewelry kiosk design

Produce photos show

glass cabinet jewelry counter

Produce photos indicate the actual effect of the jewelry showcase. Our workers produce the jewelry showcase step by step. The owner can also view what will receive. We will also leave wire connections between each two counters. People put them together and connect wires, and then can work well.

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