It’s great to open a nice coffee tea cup kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to share an excellent retail mall kiosk design. No matter your country, we can make it fit your business. Let’s view details about this mall kiosk design together.

To customize the tea cup kiosk and retail mall booth, we must first know the owner’s idea. The merchant sent us a reference photo and asked us to make it fit his business. And tell us the brand name and items require using black and golden as primary colors. Then our designer creates design models and renders detailed kiosk drawings for confirmation.

tea cup kiosk

Description of teacup kiosk

This retail booth size is 4m by 2m, increase display shelving, storage cabinet, reception, and brand signage. It has multiple showcase locations so clients can view and purchase items freely. The back has tall see-through display shelving with a brand logo panel on the top; each layer has LED lamps to level the shop theme. The bottom has drawers for storage.

More tea kiosk option

coffee cup kiosk

Besides, the right side has a two-layer countertop with display cabinets. It can place cups for clients well. We can put a display shelving with golden metal support on the left side, on the counter body brand signage, and attach stickers as a symbol of your kiosk. The front counter has a reception counter with display cabinets for placing more items.

mall kiosk

How to make a mall kiosk design?

Our designer makes the mall kiosk design based on the client’s needs, and they will take a meeting to get design solutions first. Then creates each counter for the indoor kiosk and render clear photos. It needs about 3-5 work days to complete and needs 300usd before start. When the merchants have new ideas to want to change somewhere, the design team will cooperate to modify the design soon. If you are going to open a mall kiosk, contact us now to get more ideas.