Are you looking for a nice fresh fruit kiosk for street business? Welcome to the 4m by 2m Fresh Fruit Booth Juice Kiosk Street Booth! This kiosk is the perfect place to grab a refreshing treat on a hot day. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh fruit, juice, gelato, or a cold beverage, this kiosk has you covered.

outdoor food kiosk

Custom juice kiosk for sale

At 4 meters long and 2 meters wide, this portable kiosk is good to display a variety of products. With a total height of about 2.4 meters, it stands out on the street and attracts customers with its inviting design.

As you approach the kiosk, you’ll notice the front counter with a glass display machine showcasing delicious gelato. The entrance door is conveniently located next to the cashier counter, making it easy for staff to enter and exit the shop. The left side of the juice kiosk features a sales window where clients can watch the staff at work, adding to the interactive and engaging atmosphere.

street kiosk

On the back side of the fruit kiosk, you’ll find a display counter and wall cabinets for storing additional items. Be sure to reserve space for a beverage machine and water sink to meet all your customers’ needs. And don’t forget to proudly display your brand logo on the countertop for effective advertising.

Portable kiosk

Whether you’re looking to sell products or enhance the theme of your shop, Fruit Booth is the perfect choice. Its compact size and versatile design make it a great option for outdoor locations such as malls or busy streets.