Are you looking for a nice fruit kiosk in the mall? A fruit kiosk is suitable for displaying all kinds of fresh fruit for sale. Merchants can also provide fresh juice and fruit salad. The mall fruit kiosk includes double-sided display shelving, a service counter, and a fruit preservation cabinet. Brand logos, menu boards, and advertising posters are essential for the mall fruit booth. Before starting a business, choosing a good shop style, materials, and suitable shelving for the location is necessary. The solid wood surface of the fruit display and green grass decoration makes the mall booth outstanding. Create a fresh, eco-friendly store theme and warm atmosphere to promote products and enhance the store’s image. Check more fruit stall designs on our website and get more good ideas now.

The fruit kiosk is perfect for malls, fruit stores, and food courts. It provides a variety of fresh fruits rich in essential vitamins. Vendors can create delicious fruit juices or cut fruits into bite-sized pieces to boost product sales. The kiosk’s shelving allows for easy display of a wide selection of fruits, making it convenient for customers to choose and purchase. With a design that prevents scratches, customers can enjoy a safe shopping experience. Merchants can also hang attractive slogans on the walls to draw in customers and showcase their brand effectively.

How to Open a Fruit Kiosk

fruit kioskBefore starting a fruit kiosk business, the first thing to consider is the location. For a successful fruit kiosk, you want to be where there is a lot of foot traffic, like in a shopping mall or near a school.

When it comes to setting up your kiosk, decoration is key. You want to create a welcoming and attractive space that will draw customers in. Think about your target audience and your brand style when deciding on the decoration theme.

Opening a fruit kiosk also comes with costs. You’ll need to budget for things like booth rent, fruit purchases, advertising, and other expenses. Depending on the size and location of your booth, the rent can vary. A typical 3m by 2m fruit kiosk may cost around 8800 USD.

Select brilliant lighting. Proper lighting can help highlight the freshness and appeal of your fruits. Using warm and white light in the right areas can make the kiosk pop. Small atomizers spray your fruits to maintain freshness and prevent moisture loss.

What’s Included in Fruit Kiosk

People should note that the fruit display stand needs to be ventilated and waterproof. Merchants must properly place fruit, so it is convenient for customers to take and avoid fruit falling. You can choose a suitable beverage booth at the Mall kiosk.

  1. Brand logo. The door of the fruit store is the sign of the whole store. The types and prices of fruits in fruit shops are the same. How to attract consumers at a glance depends on the facade and logo. Therefore, the brand name and slogan are eye-catching, simple in form, novel in style, and harmonious in color to highlight its image. Only with attractiveness that consumers won’t forget and ignore your fruit stall. Merchants can incorporate menu and poster designs at the fruit market stall.
  2. Ceiling. Fruit kiosks can increase ceiling decoration. It is not only a part of the booth but also an excellent opportunity to expand the influence of the brand. The ceiling is simple, but it needs to highlight the key points. For example, we can hang some plastic green branches and fruits on the roof to highlight the fruit shop’s nature, greenness, and health. 
  3. Color. The smoothie kiosk’s colors can enhance the store’s atmosphere and simultaneously bring people to a different mood. Warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange can give people a pleasant and warm feeling. Merchants can also add neon lighting is an equally good idea.
  4. Layout. The counter placement of the fruit shop mainly creates a clean, fresh, neat, and orderly effect. Considering the booth size, we need to plan the order of the counter. Strive to maximize the use of space without getting in the way of work. Weighing and cashier positions are marked, guiding customers to purchase and saving waiting time in line. You can also add mirrors to the fruit kiosk to make it feel like the fruits are neatly arranged, varied, and eye-catching.

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Fruit kiosk materials

Fruit kiosks choose the suitable material according to your store style and brand. Common materials include Plywood, laminate, solid wood, veneer, stone, metal, green grass, tile, acrylic, stainless steel, and light lamp.

Fruit stands are prevalent in fruit shops and mall booths and are usually placed against the wall or near the rental line. Consumers can take products from both sides. The fruit kiosk uses Plywood, solid wood, and metal materials. People can also add lights under each shelving. Plus, merchants can opt for adjustable shelving, so you can constantly adjust the size to your fruit type and size.

The working counter is usually used for cutting fruit and serving juice. It usually comes with a workbench, a bottom cabinet door, and a topping counter with a glass cover. Even some fruit counters have a water sink to clean the food kiosks. We can make the countertop waterproof, scratch-resistant stone, and durable. You can think of it as a juice kiosk.

The center display can be seen in fruit shops and stalls with a slightly larger size, such as a location size of 15ft by 12ft. It is usually located in the aisle or the middle of the store, and products can be placed on both sides of the fruit display for customers to buy. You can select MDF with baking paint, Plywood with laminate, green grass decoration, metal frame, etc.