Everyone carries handbags because they can keep our belongings when going out. With the fast development of society, the handbag is not only for containing items but also as a decoration and express our characters. It’s useful to open a handbag kiosk in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share a nice handbag kiosk with you.

handbag kiosk

Description of handbag booth

This bag display mainly uses to display and sell handbags, backpacks, and wallets. You can also view it as a hat kiosk and shoe kiosk to increase business. It fits an area of 4m by 2m with a double side display area. That allows clients to purchase items from both inside and outside shops.

handbag kiosk

The top is a trapezoid display with 2 open layers, you can place show handbags and hats well. While the bottom has a slat wall at the front and lock cabinets at back, which is useful and looks very attractive. You can hang boutiques here, besides entrance also has an aluminum groove panel with hooks. That’s a popular decoration among retailer kiosks because it can hold most products freely. You can also add a mirror on another panel with a brand name, so people will notice you well.

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Produce photos show

We can see the real looks of the bag booth directly. It can also guide poeple to assemble it when receiving the bag kiosk.

handbag kiosk

handbag kiosk

Material information

The main material is Plywood with lamination to build the bag kiosk. You can choose a surface color for free. LED light lamp add at the top of each shelving to increase brightness. Other materials include stainless steel and a hollow-out acrylic logo. All the cabinets have lock doors to protect items during off-time.

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