How often do you buy food at street kiosks? Everyone loves outstanding and special food kiosks. Today, I want to share a nice fast-food kiosk here. It’s good to sell pizza, hot dogs, fast food, snacks, and beverages. It is used in the USA and is suitable for outside malls, streets, and bus stations. We customize the food kiosk to suit a location of 4m by 2m area. Let’s view more details together.

Outdoor kiosk

Customize pizza kiosk design

For a customized pizza kiosk, it’s necessary to start a 3D design to ensure every detail. In the beginning, the owner has a clear mind about pizza booth decoration, combined with black, gray-brown wooden finishes with red color. However, he finally decided on a mirror-effect surface on both the inside wall and outside.

Pizza cabinet

We can see the front side has 2 big sales windows with red frames and the door is also painted in red color, the same as the base color. Clients can order pizza, we can also put a glass showcase on the countertop to remind poeple of food for sale. The fast food kiosk counter has 2 posters to remind poeple of your business, while between them are 2 separate spaces for beverage equipment. It looks elegant and clients can purchase beverages conveniently.

Pizza kiosk

The left-hand side also has a sales window with display equipment. The counter body has a brand logo to remind poeple of your business. We can see the backside used as a working table with the brand logo. There are spotlights on the top ceiling, so people can notice your business even in distance. The water sink is set near the entrance door, don’t forget to install a water system to protect daily water usage. The inner work counter uses a wooden laminte surface and stone countertop. It’s food grade, strong to use, and easy to clean. Find more options for bakery kiosks

Produce effect

Outdoor booth Street food booth

We can also attach a brand sign on the top at 4 sides to attract clients. All the doors can lock well during off time. So it’s very safe and strong to use. If you need any further information about outdoor kiosks, contact us now.