Do you like fast food kiosks? A fast food kiosk is a great place to prepare and sell fast food and already-cooked food. People can buy them and eat them without waiting a long time. Merchants can open fast food kiosks to sell cooked dishes. Includes french fries, fried chicken, burgers, bread, specialty snacks, and beverages. Fast food kiosk uses red and orange decorations to convey a sense of race against time. That reminds consumers to speed up their meals. Especially for booths that provide seating, choosing the right color will help you receive more customers and increase sales.With the competitive pressure of food and beverages increasing. It also create a unique and attractive fast-food booth to differentiate your business. Customize fast food stall at Mall-kiosk and view classic designs below.

Mall kiosks provide a wide variety of unique fast food kiosks. Whether you prefer high-end F&B style, retro or minimalist, we can meet your demands. The burger kiosk includes a food display showcase with a serving plate, a cashier area, a work area, and a storage area. We can also add a brand logo, a light box, a poster display, etc. Besides, the fast kiosk can show your brand and company culture and help you build a corporate image. You can also open a chain or franchise store to expand the business scope.

Fast food kiosk decoration tips

Fast food kiosk decoration needs to consider guests’ visual and olfactory feelings. You can add video ads to let guests know about your products. At the same time, the aroma of food can also stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. Therefore, the decoration design of the restaurant is essential for its operation. That is also helpful to the development of the restaurant in the future.

  1. fast food kioskFast store decoration. The decoration of the facade is crucial, which depends on the size and location of your booth. And the decoration of different stores and brands is also additional, making your store stand out. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a design that suits your store and create a unique store style. However, you need to consider the color matching and brand logo.
  2. The counter display. The pizza kiosk counter style unifies with the mall style. And to meet the brand image of the merchant. Wall division, workbench, and has to match the cashier space reasonably. Because a good counter layout makes it easier for employees to work, and it also makes it easier for guests to buy and pick up meals. Besides, merchants can combine various beauty factors to decorate the food booth. The main and subordinates are clear. So the contrast and changes are full of rhythm and rhythm in the store decoration.
  3. Set up key display. The window of the Fast food store is the key display area of ​​the store. Its location and size depend on the booth. Usually, the glass display set on the front makes it convenient for consumers to select items close to the cashier. And the store windows and the location scale of plaques, advertisements, and signs. Fast-food stores and corn kiosk emblems are appropriate for storefront decoration. So it has obvious identification and orientation.
  4. Color matching. The color treatment of restaurant decoration plays a vital role in the perfect shape of the store. So the decoration of restaurant stores should make full use of the contrast and harmony of colors. It is to achieve the effect of enriching the shape and creating an ideal visual charm. The color of the fast food booth is also suitable for high brightness. Moreover, warm colors create a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere.

Material selection

To highlight the store’s identity, it correctly uses the texture, texture, and natural color of materials. The material is sturdy and durable, ensuring the food court counter lasts many years. Features include moisture-proof, fire-proof, scratch-resistant, or wear-resistant, such as stainless steel, stone, Plywood, laminate, solid wood veneer, tile, etc.

  1. Plywood with laminate: Plywood with laminate is the most common material to build a food kiosk. Its structure is sturdy, with the characteristics of moisture resistance, scratch resistance, and high resistance. Besides, the unique craftsmanship creates a high-end, special food restaurant store effect.
  2. Metal & wooden: Metal and wooden strips use as decoration materials for food stalls. The color and sheen of metal can make your food stall stand out. The wooden panel and strip create a store atmosphere in harmony with nature. Besides, the wood grain finish can also achieve a simple and atmospheric effect, which is enduring. They can also decorate bao buns kiosks.
  3. Artificial stone: Stone is usually used as a countertop with good effect and meets food-grade requirements. You can choose various colors and effects, such as marble texture, quartz stone texture, and more.
  4. Stainless steel: Stainless steel kicking and stainless logo usually create a luxury shop theme. Stainless steel toe kicking uses to protect the kiosks, and you can choose unique colors and crafts for the food booth.

Fast food kiosk Categories

  • Shawarma kiosk: Shwarma is a very popular fast food kiosk, which usually contains a pancake maker and a waffle maker. Food kiosks can use MDF with baking paint as the primary material. You can also use glass, fiberglass, and metal to produce. Food booth material is vital, and the design needs to meet the requirements of the shopping mall.
  • Shelf service kiosk: The buffet restaurant is a popular fast food booth. People can freely choose their favorite dishes. It is an excellent opportunity for most people to taste a variety of delicious food at the same time.
  • Street food kiosk: Out of the mall kiosk, street food kiosk is also one of the good ways to sell fast food and snack. These food booths usually have wheels and push handles. You can move them to different places.
  • Food restaurant trailer: Food trailer is a truck with a steering wheel. And the compartment uses as a kitchen room and service counter. It has a sales window where clients can buy food here. It has LED light to increase brilliance.