Bakery kiosks and cake kiosks are seen everywhere in the shopping mall. People like sweet food because it can drive away hunger and taste good. Before opening a bakery kiosk, you can get the custom design from our website. We have made attractive bakery booths for over 20 years, and the owner likes our design and produces work very much. Today, I want to share a nice bakery kiosk with you. Let’s learn more information now.

bakery kiosk

Introduction of bakery kiosk

We can set it at a location of 4m by 3m and use white, green, and red color as surface decoration. It attracts the eyes’ attention and can remind people of your business. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint treatment. We can also add 8mm tempered glass with a metal holder on the countertop, which uses as a sneeze guard. Equipment and brand logo set in a suitable area to promote the shop theme.

bakery kiosk

Details information

There is a white style on the red background with white light decoration on the crepe kiosk. It makes the bakery shop outstanding and can reflect items well. We can also attach stickers surrounding the wall, which vividly express your business to poeple. Besides, there is a tower panel in the corner in green color. It’s a perfect place to show the brand logo and menu. The white artificial stone countertop is durable and can reflect the items well.

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bakery kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the actual effect of the bakery kiosk below the production photos. Workers will complete the whole food kiosk at our workshop and test it to ensure everything works well. You can also view the production process during production because our QC team will control each step, and the sales team will update photos for your confirmation.

bakery kiosk bakery kiosk