Do you like unique cake kiosk design? Cake is one of the popular sweet food among people. Both children and adults like to eat cakes because of their yummy tastes and attractive looking. Nowadays, cake shops are becoming more and more competitive, so merchants should not only have good products but also The design of the cake shop also requires effort. Only in this way can it stand on the market and attract more buyers. The cake shop includes a display area, a decoration operation room, an oven, a cashier counter, and a packaging area. Due to the limited space of the mall booth, the cake kiosk needs more cake showcase area, and the layout of all counters should be properly allocated.

Cake shops are everywhere. People’s pursuit of quality of life has driven the rapid development of the baking industry. Various cake shops and bread kiosks have sprung up all over the streets. Especially whenever you walk into it, you can see a variety of pastries in the store. In fact, in addition to having a very good baker, the decoration of the cake shop is also very important, to attract more customers.

How to decorate the cake shop?

cake kioskA good Cake kiosk decoration provides consumers with a comfortable and comfortable environment. It takes time to choose a unique cake booth before you are ready to start your business. If you want to win everyone’s hearts, you need to pay attention to the following three decoration ideas.

  1. Color matching: Color makes us aware of the colorfulness of this world. And only reasonable use of color matching can increase the proportion of bakery kiosk sales. First of all, according to the business philosophy and theme style of the cake shop. Make a color positioning, and choose two to three colors as the main color of the storefront. For example yellow, orange, red, etc.
  2. Material selection: Different materials can create different store effects, which bring a unique visual experience to guests. It will leave a deep impression on you. For example, to create a modern sense of a cake shop, glass, stainless steel, metal, and other materials are mostly used. You can combine your business ideas to style your cake shop.
  3. Layout design: The cake shop has many counters to start a business. Such as the flower decoration area, the cashier counter, the leisure area, the display area, and the freshly baked area. Usually, the display area is in the most conspicuous position. And the cashier next to the display cabinet is charging and promoting new products. And the decoration area and the freshly baked area in the innermost work area.
  4. Lighting decoration: The lighting of the cake shop is generally the best with warm orange or orange soft light. The bright light makes poeple focus on the product and enhances customers’ purchasing desire and appetite. View the burger kiosk design in the mall

Tips for Popular Birthday Cake Kiosk

  • Combination of light: Lighting is the top priority in the lighting design of the cake shop. Birthday cake shops and dessert kiosks with different styles and positioning have different lighting focus. For example, the black swan is the representative of modern style. There are relatively more cold lights in the black swan store, which highlights the sense of modernity and fashion feeling. You can take another look at the day of Dole, which is a warm route like home. So there is more warm light in the whole store. Besides, it distinguishes from the color of the light. In addition to paying attention to the combination of cold and warm light. The lighting also has changes in light and shadow, light and shade, and virtual and real. Which can grasp and create in many ways to create different cake shop needs.
  • Overall tone design: The cake shop must conform to its characteristics and product positioning. So it’s necessary to choose the store tone and reflect the brand culture of its store. Relaxing and warm colors bring people a sense of warmth and comfort. The black color can highlight the high-end atmosphere of the cupcake store. Of course, the color matches to make the cake kiosk more charming. Its color matches coordinate with the style of the cake shop so that the cake shop space has a certain sense of rhythm.
  • Reasonable posters: The atmosphere of the cake shop also needs to pay attention to the promotional posters of the shop. Especially in the major festivals. Product posters and hanging flags make customers feel the joy of the festival. On relatively ordinary days, posters are attached to the wall to guide customers to buy.

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Choose a brand logo wall

Image wall design: One of the principles of image wall color matching is harmony. Choosing an attractive brand logo wall is important for food kiosks and cotton candy kiosks. No matter what color you prefer, the color of the image wall must match the surrounding environment. If the cake store is dominated by warm colors, the merchant chooses red and orange to decorate the image wall. Instead, you can choose blue to decorate the background wall. The second principle of color matching for the image wall is aesthetics. If you like to use black, metallic image walls, you can place them in a suitable position and let them blend in with the cake kiosk. The third principle of background wall color matching is practicality. A background wall not only has the function of decoration but also can shape your brand image and business philosophy. You can see the visual effects of different cake kiosks from the designer’s decoration renderings, to make a correct judgment and choose the right cake booth for your business.

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