Candy is popular among poeple. Both kids and adults like to eat it because of its delicious taste. Here is a nice candy kiosk introduced to you. It’s shipped to the UK and is suitable for placing all kinds of candy and nuts. Let’s learn more details together.

candy kiosk

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk mainly uses black and pink colors with matte effects, which is a high level of the shop theme and can make the shop outstanding. Size is 4m by 3m with a display showcase counter on the four sides. We can make the nuts kiosk with curved counter corners to avoid accidental hurt. Materials of the candy kiosk are MDF, baking paint, acrylic logo, tempered glass, acrylic panel, stainless steel kicking, light lamp, and wheels with brakes.

candy showcase

We can see the front counter has a stairs-shaped display showcase; it can show candy to clients in a good way. The front has a higher panel to keep the candy clean. The counter body also has a glass cabinet to increase the showcase area. While the side is a long display counter with long acrylic boxes on the top, it is suitable for sorting loose candy, nuts, and chocolate. At the same time, another side has curved multiple functional counters. The front has shelving with acrylic boxes to show candy for sale, while the back has a water wink country to keep the chocolate kiosk clean. 2 large lollipop models on the counter table to remind people of your business. A tall brand logo wall is set here near the beverage freezer so that poeple can order drinks together.

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candy booth

Real produce photos show

The owner ordered two sets for business. Each shelving and glass cabinet has a light lamp to reflect the candy shop. There is luminous blue acrylic at the kiosk bottom, which makes your candy booth fantastic. Each cabinet has wheels for easy moving.

candy kiosk design candy stall