Nearly everyone likes to eat nuts because they taste good and provide energy for us. The nuts kiosk mainly uses to display and classify all kinds of nuts and snacks because the nut counter has multiple sealable grid displays, which is convenient for customers to purchase. For most businesses, a nuts kiosk is not just a place to work but also a medium to showcase brand strength and company image. A nuts stall is suitable for use in shopping malls, supermarkets, snack stores, candy stores, and convenience stores, and chocolate shops. The standard nut counter adopts a wood grain finish, setting off the product well and conveying a pure natural concept. Merchants can decorate nuts kiosks according to their ideas, and good shape and counter design can gain more high-quality customers. View more nuts booths at our website.

As a kind of retail food showcase, the nuts kiosk has a display area, cashier counter, workbench with equipment, storage area, and so on. Guests can make various nut-containing snacks to meet the tastes of different guests. The shape of the Nuts counter is also beneficial to your business. People like the unique store and effect. It can give people a bright feeling and deepen the impression, which is conducive to promoting the brand concept.

How to decorate the dried fruit shop?

The snack kiosk decoration is close to the aesthetics of the target customer group. You can design a simple and vivid brand name and logo so that customers can understand your business in the first place. It reflects the sense of taste and class. The following are five tips for decoration to help you.

  1. nuts kioskWarm atmosphere. Consumers like a romantic and friendly atmosphere, so the decoration of dried fruit stores should pay attention to creating a store atmosphere. Merchants can paste nuts-related cartoon pictures on the wall to make people feel friendly. You can also set up a seating area and set up a message board on the wall of the seating area to increase customer stickiness.
  2. A distinctive shop signboard. Bright and eye-catching signboards can attract the attention of pedestrians and improve visibility. The name of the signboard strives to be concise, easy to read and remember, and has a strong appeal. The signboard design should conform to the store’s business philosophy and product image.
  3. Bright decoration. The decoration of the food kiosk pays attention to the bright and clean storefront. A tidy and cozy store can enhance customers’ goodwill and attract potential customers. Regardless of whether the nuts display chooses a storefront or rents a booth in a shopping mall, merchants should highlight their product features.
  4. Nuts kiosk color. The color needs to be bright, and it is best to use warm colors to decorate dried fruit shops. So people will have an appetite when they enter. Moreover, warm colors will make people feel better and stimulate purchases.
  5. Product layout. Product placement needs attention, and popular products can be placed within sight. You can classify different varieties of items, which is convenient to select, to ensure the customers’ return rate.

Nuts kiosk lighting

The primary function of the nuts kiosk in the mall is to display nuts and promote the brand. Merchants can consider practicality and aesthetics when designing nuts counters and displaying products orderly to achieve the best publicity effect. Lighting decoration is also important for fruit kiosks. The lighting of the showcase plays a good role in setting off the atmosphere. Showcase lighting is usually composed of various lighting types with different functions, and other types of lighting can be used separately or together.

  • Ambient lighting. Also known as essential lighting, it mainly provides high-brightness lighting to attract customer’s attention to your showcase in shopping malls. Ambient light uses lighting techniques such as scattering or secondary reflection and uses concealed, surface-mounted, or ceiling-mounted lamps to achieve its lighting effect.
  • Focus lighting. Lighting is specially designed to emphasize or highlight essential displayed products’ color, material, shape, etc. Point lighting is widely used in focus lighting, such as track lights, spotlights, etc. It is a controllable projection angle and irradiation range.
  • Internal lighting. Merchants can use fluorescent lamps or spotlights to focus on the display cabinet’s interior to highlight essential products. At the same time, the upper, lower, or rear decorative panels of Nuts shelving can also be made into light-transmitting forms to display exhibits.

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How to open a special nut snack shop

As we all know, the primary customer groups of snacks are women and children. People like new things and exotic foods, and businesses can develop new flavors to satisfy the taste buds of different customers. At the same time, you can also use it as a store feature. Featured products help form a memory point and make your candy kiosk stand out. At the same time, you can also add other products, such as pancakes, crepes, and snacks. So how to open a distinctive nuts booth in the mall?

  1. Nuts booth design. Before starting the store image design of a specialty snack shop, you can seek professional designers from Mall Kiosk to help you complete it. You can inspect the shopping malls and booths on the spot, including the customer group of the shopping mall, the color and style of the kiosk near your booth, and then design according to your products and shopping mall standards.
  2. Develop promotional strategies. Specialty snack stores can do an excellent job in holiday promotions, which can be used as a growth point for your business. Every holiday, we see that many shopping malls are conducting promotional activities. The purpose is to attract more customers and sell more products. Specialty snack shops should also make full use of holidays to increase their operating income and, to a certain extent, enhance the local popularity of specialty snack shops.
  3. Seize consumption point. The operation of snack stores is the same as that of other industries: to grasp the psychology of consumers. Snack food consumers like strange things, so we will develop our characteristics and let our uniqueness attract more consumers, thereby bringing a steady stream of customers.