Modern and attractive cell phone kiosk helps improve business. In recent years, many people planning to customize cell phone kiosks to open businesses. Everyone uses a smartphone as it makes our life more convenient. It’s a great option to open a mobile phone kiosk to earn money.

mobile phone booth

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk measurement is 4m by 3m, suitable for cell phones and phone repair services. It has glass cabinets, a phone repair table, a reception counter, etc. The primary color is brown and black, looks very high-end, and can reflect cell phones well. It’s a classic mall kiosk style in Australia, and we have made more than 20 sets for different ports.

cell phone booth

There are glass cabinets with LED lights surrounding the cell phone kiosk, which is convenient for clients to view and purchase mobile phones and phone accessories. We can see four individual cabinets at the ends, which are taller than other showcases, which uses as the main case to show attractive items. Merchants place the phone repair counter near the brand logo tower stand. It has a slat wall at the front counter that can hang more items for sale. The reception counter also has a slat-wall display.

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mobile phone kiosk

Completed cell phone kiosk

When completing the phone case kiosk production, we will install the whole phone kiosk in advance. The owner can also view how the cell phone kiosk looks in reality. It also uses as guidance when installing in the shopping mall. Because we clean and pack each counter individually for shipment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the sales team.

phone kiosk

Cell phone kiosk with light off, we can see the kiosk finishes and effect well. The four taller cabinets have glass doors open at two sides, which is suitable for taking out products when clients purchase.

mobile phone kiosk