Crepe and waffles are popular snacks because they have multiple flavors and can eliminate hunger. With the fast development of the food industry, opening a waffle kiosk in the shopping mall is a great option. Merchants can sell waffles, crepes, bakery, and drinks. Here is a good waffle kiosk delivery to Las Palmas, Spain. Let’s learn more information together.

Waffle kiosk

Description of waffle kiosk

The waffle kiosk size is 4m by 3m, so it is good to install the center of the shop. The front counter has a display showcase counter with a topping. The back counter has a water sink near the entrance. It is good to provide daily water usage. A Frogurt machine stands next to it to increase sales. Before starting, the waffle and crepe machines are set at the left-hand counter. A black panel stands at the corner with illuminated signs to promote the crepe booth.

waffle kiosk

 Material details

This waffle booth mainly uses plywood to build each counter. The surface is laminated in red and black color. Before production, we will share a color code with clients to pick up the perfect paint. Besides, the artificial stone countertop protects the food kiosk and lasts its serving time. And stainless steel produces the snack kiosk kicking. 8mm tempered glass on the counter to keep the working area safe.

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waffle kiosk

Produce photo show

We produce the fast food kiosk according to the design drawing. The brand logo will also attach to the body so people can notice your business. Merchants can also add LED light underneath the counter to increase glows. Whenever you plan to start a pizza kiosk, contact us to get more information.

waffle kiosk