Sweet candy kiosks have become popular in recent years. Because eating sweet candy makes people happy, both children and adults like candy. Opening a candy kiosk in the shopping center is a good option. To increase sales performance, many owners sell other food and drinks together. Here is an excellent Candy kiosk used in the UK sharing with you.

candy kiosk

Candy kiosk information

This candy kiosk size is 4m by 1.8m and includes multiple open display shelving, a working counter, a storage cabinet, and brand signage. The primary color is white with pink decorations, creating a lovely and fantastic shop theme. The materials of the sweet kiosk include MDF, baking paint, light lamp, round light box painting, stainless steel, etc. We should also reserve enough space for machines, such as ice cream and beverage machines. The fresh juice maker and glass showcase machine are placed on the countertop for better usage.

candy kiosk

A display cabinet is on three sides, and each layer has a light lamp to indicate sweet candies. It is also convenient for clients to purchase. Behind the showcase area is lock cabinets used for the storage room. One side has a cashier register on the top for checking bills. The corner has a brand logo wall to hide the machine; the brand logo and posters also attach here. Individual water sink sets at another counter to keep the candy kiosk clean. And there is a round light box stand on the corner to remind people of your business.

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Candy booth

Real photos show

We can see the actual effect from product photos, and it’s also a guide to installing them in the shopping mall. No matter when you plan to open a candy kiosk, contact us now and get an outstanding candy shop design.