The sunglass kiosk mainly displays and sells all kinds of sunglasses. It’s a good idea to open a sunglass kiosk to earn money because sunglass has a significant profit. Here is a nice sunglass kiosk sharing with you. We make it for a UK customer and have built long-term business relationships from this project.

Sunglass Kiosk

Sunglass introduction

This sunglass size is 4m by 2m; you can make other sizes based on the location. The leading tone of the sunglass booth is yellow and white, which is outstanding and attracts the eye’s attention. The sunglass kiosk includes wall shelving, a working counter, etc. Brand logos, posters, and mirrors attach to the wall to enhance the shop theme.

Sunglass Kiosk

Layout introduction

The front counter has glass display shelving with LED lights and a mirror set aside to help clients purchase suitable eye frames. Cabinets with shelving and wall-mounted shelving consist of the main showcase area. The inner of the back side has long counters for working and optical equipment sets here for better usage. At the same time, the left side has a reception counter with a cash register.

Sunglass Kiosk

Wall decoration

A round decoration on the wall and counter body makes your glass shop look outstanding. Merchants advertise here to make people learn more about your company and services. Brand name and logo are important for mall kiosks.

Produce photos show

We can see the effects of sunglass kiosks. Our workers will produce and pre-install at the workshop. It guides people to assemble in the shopping center. If you have questions, we will also provide installation instructions for guidance.

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Sunglass Kiosk

Real photos from customers

The owner is pleased with our design and production work. You can also see how it looks when used. No matter when you plan to start, we can customize a sunglass kiosk for you.

Sunglass Kiosk