Crepe kiosks are popular among poeple because they drive away hunger and have good taste. Merchants can sell pancakes, crepes, waffles, and snacks. Because it’s a completed food booth. Today, I want to share a fantastic crepe kiosk with you.

crepe booth

Description of crepe kiosk

The crepe kiosk size is 4m by 3m, can make other sizes as you need. The main color is purple with white and black decorations. You can also use purple color to decorate the nuts kiosk. It looks very high-end and attractive. The main material includes MDF with baking paint finishes. The white stone countertop is strong to use and wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. LED light surrounds the counter to increase brightness. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, light box painting, tempered glass, etc.

crepe counter

Layout information

We can see there is a freezer at the side, and a water sink near the entrance door, it provides water for daily usage. Glass display machine to add to keep customers away from machines and workbenches. We can see the front counter has a cashier register in the middle. On the corner has a wall stands to place logos and posters. The left-hand side has a waffle machine and crepe machine on the top, that’s to make Foor for sale. Under the counter are lock cabinets for storage.

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crepe stall

We can also use strips to the waffle kiosk body, that is to attract clients, and makes your kiosk looks charming. Menu and posters can also attach to the kiosk body. It’s not only used to decorate the kiosk but also reminds people of your business.

Mall-Kiosk provides unique and attractive crepe kiosks to you. We have a design team to create kiosk models based on your requirements. It is completed in our workshop. You can view produce photos regularly. No matter when you plan to open a food kiosk, contact us now.