What do you think about starting a business with a gift kiosk? Mall retail booths become popular among poeple because merchants can sell all kinds of products and gain more clients. Today, I want to share a nice gift kiosk sharing with you. People can print their favorite photos on the items and make them unique. Let’s view more details together.

Shopping centre kiosk

Description of mall kiosk design

This gift kiosk size is 4m by 3m and includes a glass display showcase, display cabinet, brand logo, storage cabinet, and space for equipment. We can also attach the brand logo in a suitable location to remind poeple of your business. It is to sell mobile phone cases, T-shirts, cups, and retailers. People can choose their favorite pictures of the products and send them to clients.

gift kiosk

There is glass showcases with shelving and glass cabinet with staircase displays, and it is good to show phone cases and boutiques. The cup display set at the front counter is convenient to purchase and increases the showcase area. In the middle, we can place a cashier counter here with brand signage. That leaves a deep impression on clients. While the left side has a working counter for equipment, the wall uses to show all kinds of pictures and T-shirts for clients to select. There is a tall display stand on the panel with glass layers and logos so poeple can view your shop from all directions.

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gift kiosk

Produce photos show

As we can see in the product photo, this mall retail kiosk color is white and black. Its high level of shop theme makes it looks high-end. We mainly use MDF with shiny baking paint to make the Whole gift kiosk. And 8mm tempered glass with a light lamp better shows the products to people.

photo print kiosk hat kiosk