Are you looking for a single dessert display stand to start a business? The display stand shows dessert, chocolate, sweet food, and snacks. It’s good to use in supermarkets, retail shops, shopping malls, airports, train stations and even the streets. Today, I want to share a nice dessert display with you.

Mall stand

Customize dessert display stand

The primary color is black, which highly matches the company concept and brand theme. White brand signage highly indicates your business and leaves a deep impression on clients. Merchants can also use it as pop-up shops or use it to promote business and test the market.

This dessert display stand size is 50cm L, 40cm W, and 140cm H, easy to show items and suits for different locations. It has 2 shelves that can show items in 3 lines, which is convenient for clients to view and purchase. The top layer has 2 acrylic boxes, it’s good to place chocolate and bulk candies here. We can also attach the brand logo on the panel, which allows people to notice and remember your business well. Stickers attached to both sides of the display stand, vividly show the products to clients.

Mall stall

Material information

The primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint. We can use metal as frame support, which is durable and strong load bearing. A stainless steel kick protects the overall dessert display stand from accident. It is moisture-proof, waterproof, and not easy to rust. Even if there is a small amount of water on the ground, it will not affect the use.

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