Engraving kiosks are popular in the shopping center and everywhere. It mainly uses for displaying various carving crafts, such as crystals, diamonds, plaster ornaments, ceramic products, etc. Here is a high-end engraving display stand to share with you. It’s good to use in the shopping center, retail shops, craft products stores, etc.

engraving kiosk

Introduction of engraving kiosk

This crystal kiosk has display shelving on both sides, including the brand logo and glass shelving. It mainly shows products and is suitable for promoting the shop theme. The size is 5ft by 6ft, and we can customize the size for you. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint finishes, 8mm tempered glass, acrylic logo, and lighting.


Details information

As we can see in the design photo, this crystal stand has a glass display that vividly shows items to the clients. Each cabinet has a spotlight to indicate the products and make the engraving crafts for people. The middle of the engraving stand has a slogan that makes people understand your business well. We can also add three acrylic cases underneath to show brochures. Besides, the bottom can also have multiple layers of shelving for usage. The cabinet has sliding doors to protect products at night.

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Produce photos show

We can see the actual effects in the product photos. Our workers will test the engraving kiosk at our workshop. The owner can also understand how the retail kiosk to made step by step. If you have any questions, contact us now.

crystal kiosk crystal kiosk

Real effects show

This crystal collection stand is completed and delivered s a whole so people can use it directly. We can view how the pop-up shop looks on-site. Everyone can get the perfect customized mall kiosks from us. Thank you for your reading.

engraving kiosk