With the fast development of society, cell phone case kiosks are seen everywhere in shopping malls and streets. It’s a profitable idea to open a phone case kiosk to make money. People use it to sell phone cases and phone accessories. Today, I want to share a nice cell phone case kiosk with you. Let’s view more details with you.

phone accessories kiosk

Introduction of phone accessories kiosk

This kiosk size is 5m by 3m, it has two entrances on both sides, and clients can view and purchase phone cases and phone accessories. We can make all of the counters with both side displays, that’s to MAX the showcase area. All of the cabinets have locked doors, so the owner can close them at night.

cell phone booth kiosk

Material information

The material uses MDF with backing paint finishes. It is brilliant and can show the shop theme and promote products. Each showcase material is 8mm tempered glass with a light lamp on the top to highlight the items. The hollow-out luminous acrylic logo makes customers remember and distinguish you for the first time. Stainless steel kicking to protect the whole phone accessories kiosk.

phone cover kiosk

Counter introduction

There is a tall display stand at two entrances, it has an aluminum groove panel with hooks, and it’s good to hang products for sale. And the side uses it as a brand logo wall to leave a deep impression on clients. There are multiple functional counters near the reception desk. The top has a glass cabinet for cell phones and valuable items, while the bottom has a stairs display to show phone cases, and behind is a storage cabinet. Other showcases have stairs displays on both sides for the display. And two corners have individual counters with glass tops.

If you provide phone repair services, we can add working counters to your phone kiosk design. So whenever you are in need, just contact us immediately. We are ready to help you.