Are you looking for a cell phone kiosk? Today, I want to share an excellent cell phone kiosk with you. It fits prominent locations and is better for starting a business. This white mobile phone kiosk is used in Australia and can show more products. Let’s view more details about the cell phone kiosk.

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk size is 5m by 5m, includes three rows of glass cabinets, and looks like a retail phone shop in the shopping center. The shop owner can place mobile phones and phone cases in the shopping center kiosk. Besides, we use MDF with glossy white baking paint as basic kiosk materials. And 8mm tempered glass shows the products well to clients. Other materials include light lamps, stainless steel, and light box painting.

Layout information

There are glass display cabinets at the front counter and shopping center. It has multiple layers with a spotlight at four corners, which shows the cell phones to the clients. At the bottom of the cabinets, we can add two drawers for storage. The side wall also has glass cabinets that fit the wall height. Besides, the back side has a wall cabinet with a slat wall display and a locked cabinet. There is a service counter with the brand logo on the front of the phone repair kiosk. That is good to serve every client can help them purchase suitable cabinets.

Produce photos show

We can view the reality effect after assembly at our workshop. Adding a changeable light lamp at the kicking makes the phone case kiosk look good. Installation work is easy, and you can connect the wires between each cabinet. We can also provide installation instructions to help you.

If you need more information, contact me soon. Our sales team can share more unique kiosk designs with you. And design team make 3D design according to your requirements.