Are you looking to upgrade your beauty salon with a touch of elegance and functionality? Look no further than our 5m×3m Eyebrow Threading Kiosk with 3 Stations, perfect for salons in Australia looking to attract more customers and increase their business.

eyebrow threading counter

Introduction of eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading kiosk is designed with a modern and sleek look. Combining golden and white colors with a wooden finish decoration. The eyebrow threading kiosk features 3 workstations with round mirrors at the front side. Providing a comfortable and efficient space for your technicians to work their magic on your clients’ eyebrows.

brow bar counter

At the entrance of the kiosk, you’ll find a reception desk where your customers can check in and out. Making the whole process seamless and convenient. The reception desk also serves as a place for customers to inquire about services and products. Enhancing their overall experience at your salon.

Inside the kiosk, there is a massage bed that can be used for eyelash extensions, providing an additional service that can attract more customers and increase your revenue. The higher walls of the kiosk ensure customer privacy. Creating a more intimate and comfortable space for them to relax and enjoy their beauty treatments.

The back wall of the kiosk features a counter for storage. Allowing you to keep your supplies and equipment organized and easily accessible. Besides, the merchants can also have the option to add a glass display to showcase your products. And attract customers to make additional purchases. View barber kiosk design option

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eyebrow threading booth eyebrow booth

The counter body is made of golden metal with glossy baking paint. Giving it a luxurious and elegant look that will impress your customers from the moment they walk in. So the white light fixtures add a charming and inviting atmosphere to the kiosk. Creating a welcoming space for your clients to enjoy their beauty treatments.

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