Before starting the candy kiosk, it’s very necessary to purchase suitable cabinet suits for items. Besides, unique styles of candy display shelving, and candy rack makes the candy shop look better. It also increases the client’s desire to buy candy products. Today, I want to share a nice lollipop stand with you. Whether you sit near the entrance, reception desk, or in the center of the shop, it will make your shop look better.

Lollipop stand

Description of lollipop stand

As we can see in the design, this lollipop stand has a round base with a metal support in the center. It has many small round panels surround panels surrounding the frame support consisting of differnet levels of display. It looks like flowers and can show all kinds of lollipops in order. There is a small spot on the support panel, so the lollipop can be inserted there. Because merchants can sort out lollipop colors and categories to attract people and increase showcase area. The round base size is 60cm in diameter, height is 140cm, which is suitable to show lollipops in a great way. We can also customize it according to your needs.

View candy kiosk design

Produce photos show

Lollipop stand

We can see the real effect after production. The white color is better reflects the items in a better way. The round display plate is in different directions, so that poeple can purchase it easily without affecting other people’s buying. We can also add round lollipop decoration on the top to get a better effect. No matter how unique a lollipop stand you want, contact us and get more unique design options.