The mobile phone kiosk is good at selling cell phones and phone accessories. With the fast development of technology, everyone uses smartphones to connect with friends and even deal with emergency work. Today, I want to share an attractive mobile phone kiosk sharing with you. Here is a mobile phone kiosk to share with you.

cell phone kiosk

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

The size is 5m by 3m, including glass display shelving, a cell phone display showcase, a storage cabinet, a brand logo, and a menu. We can arrange all the counters in advance to ensure it’s good to show products and brand image. The color is red and white, looks very brilliant, and can enhance your brand theme.

cell phone kiosk

Layout information

There are four entrances to the cell phone case kiosk. On the opposite side corner brand imagines on a wall near a cashier counter. So people can learn about your service and products directly. The front side has a phone repair counter with a glass display counter display. The corner has a tall slat display, and it is good to hang phone cases on both sides. And a big advertising wall to attach a TV player. The back side has multiple functional counters. Poeple can show cell phones on the countertop and slat wall display with glass door to show phone accessories. That is to increase the display showcase area and attract clients. Glass cabinets with glass layers better display products to clients.

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cell phone kiosk

Material information

  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: High glossy baking paint
  • Display showcase material: 8mm tempered glass, slat wall display
  • Kicking material: 304# stainless steel with mirror or brush effects
  • Logo material: 3D acrylic luminous logo
  • Other materials: Light lamp, hardware, lock with keys, etc.

We will use suitable materials to build the cell phone repair kiosk and can make construction drawings to show the material details. Before you start, don’t hesitate to customize your cell phone kiosk at Mall-Kiosk