Many poeple plans to open a nail kiosk in the shopping center. Nail manicures and pedicure services become popular among young people. They can accept nail art services when going shopping, and gain a good spirit. Today, I want to introduce a nice nail kiosk sharing with you. It’s in brilliant golden and white color, let’s view more details here.

nail manicure kiosk

Introduction of nail manicure kiosk

This nail manicure kiosk size is 6m by 3m. It has 5 nail table stations to start a business. We can also set up 2 pedicure chairs in the kiosk. Merchants can also add glass display cabinets in suitable areas to show nail polish items. Don’t forget to put up posters and the brand logo for advertising.

nail table

Layout information

We can see in the 3D design photo, there is nail stations at the front side with yellow color decoration. People can sit down and accept nail services. It is also a good way to make full use of space. We can also set a service counter at the entrance, so staffs can serve clients and help them checking bills. View beauty kiosk design

beuaty nail kiosk

The side wall has a glass display cabinet with multiple shelving with light lamp, it can highlight the products for sale. While the back side has two pedicre chair area. We can also add logo on the wall and set a tall logo stand to leave deep impression on people. In the front has wal mounted cabinets, so that people can notice your business when pass by. Another side has a waiting sofa for people to rest for a while. We can also add 2 water sink in the middle wall for people to wash hands. Find more about massage kiosk

nail pedicure chair

Material information

Primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint surface. Other materials includes 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel kick, acrylic logo, light lamp, etc. If you want to learn more nail shop kiosk design, contact us soon.