With the fast development of the fashion trade, many businessmen want a nice display cabinet for retail shops. No matter whether you start with a candy shop or popcorn store. This candy cabinet is a great option for both decorating the shop and displaying items. Today, I want to share a nice candy display shelving with you.

Lollipop stand

Introduction of popcorn display shelving

This candy display shelving is in a round shape with multiple layers. Size is about 800mm diameter and height 1600mm height. The bottom display shelving is the biggest circle and the top circle is the smallest. We can also customize sizes according to your needs. Each shelving has acrylic panels to avoid items falling down and won’t affect the candy kiosk effect. There is a popcorn bowl with colorful popcorn popping out of the bowl, which looks very attractive and funny. It also looks like a popcorn tree with a round display stand surrounding it.

Candy shelving

Produce effect show

We can see the display shelving is in a light green color with a white trunk supporting the popcorn decorations. It is good to highlight the items and attract the eyes’ attention. We can also paint it in other colors to match your shop atmosphere, including orange, pink, red, blue, purple, or other colors.  View market stall

candy display stand

The primary material of display shelving is MDF with a glossy baking paint surface. While the trees are a metal tube with foam popcorn decoration. A stainless steel kick protects the candy display shelving to avoid accidental hurt. Merchants can place it in the center of their retail shop or set it near the entrance so that poeple can notice it at first glance. Which leaves a deep impression on clients. Whenever you need unique candy displays or shelving, you can get a good solution from Mall Kiosk.

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