In recent years, candy shops become popular among businessmen. Candy shops a great businesses because everyone loves to buy and eat candy to get a good spirit and yummy taste. Whenever you are going to start with a mall candy kiosk or retail candy shop, this shaped candy counter is a good choice. Let’s view details information about the candy counter together.

Candy cabinet

80 cm diameter candy counter design

We can see this candy counter mainly use to display all kinds of candy. It has 3 layer of countertop, each layer has acrylic boxes with a lid. So people can view and purchase items well. Underneath the countertop is 3-grid open shelving. The shop owner can also put sets of items here to increase the showcase area. It’s also a good idea to place some attractive items to appeal to consumers. Moreover, we can also use it as storage when setting candy packages here, so that staff can replenish candies for sale in a timely manner. It ensures enough candies in the display area for customers to choose from.

Candy shop design

We can also attach lollipop models with support in the center and top. That vividly shows your business to clients. Besides, the candy models also make your shop outstanding, and give consumers a funny new shopping experience. Don’t forget to measure the shop size in advance, that’s to ensure all the counters suit the shop size and can be put in the proper area. View mall stand design

Produce effect show

Candy display counter Mall counter

We can see the candy counter effect at the workshop. It has a brilliant and glossy surface, looks very high-end, and can better show candy. The stainless steel kick protects the whole candy kiosk from accidental hurt. It can also make the whole candy counter last longer. If you own a candy shop, don’t miss this candy counter style.