The smoothie kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall. Smoothies and frozen yogurt are become popular because it gives us a cool feeling. Today, I want to share a nice smoothie kiosk with you. It’s good to sell gelato, roll ice cream, frozen yogurt, and juice. Let’s view more details information now.

ice cream kiosk

High-end smoothie kiosk for sale

The smoothie kiosk size is 3m by 2m, so it’s necessary to place all counters and equipment properly. This makes the overall smoothie kiosk look good, it also helps increase work efficiency. We can see the front counter has strip decoration in a wooden color. It is good to attach the brand logo here, with the glows of LED light from the top, people will remember your business well. We can put a glass panel on the countertop to keep clients away from the workbench.

smoothie kiosk

The right-hand side counter has frozen yogurt machines on the countertop. While the bottom has lock cabinets to store more items. The cashier counter is placed near the entrance door on the left-hand side. It is convenient for checking bills, and also won’t occupy the display and work area. View the frozen yogurt kiosk design here

smoothie booth

Besides, the water sink is also near the entrance door at the back side counter. It’s good to wash hands and keep the smoothie kiosk clean. There is a bridge ceiling on the back side counter. We can hang posters and menus as guidance. Delicious smoothies and ice cream advertising increase people’s desire to buy.

Material effect

The smoothie kiosk mainly uses wooden panels, combined with green and black colors, the kiosk looks attractive and high-end. Stainless steel kick and LED light lamps protect and decorate the kiosk. So that the kiosk can serve for a longer time and be outstanding from competitors.