Glass showcases are popular among poeple. Nearly every retail booth has glass kiosks because they are better to show items to clients and can also protect goods well. Glass kiosks are good to use in shopping malls, boutique stores, and museums. Today, I want to share a nice glass kiosk with you.

glass kiosk

Description of the glass kiosk

The glass kiosk size is 8ft×4ft and fits most of the locations in the mall. It has multiple display shelving on each cabinet, besides, each shelving can adjust the height. Merchants can put all kinds of products here. The top has an LED light lamp to increase brightness. And the bottom area has cabinets with sliding doors, it is good to restore products here.

glass kiosk

The main tone is black with a clear 8mm tempered glass door and shelving. It creates a brilliant and upscale effect of the store theme. The entrance has a locked door, which you can close at night. You can also put up posters on the counter body to remind people of your shop.

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Materials show

  • Main material: Metal frame and tempered glass. Metal frame at the corner of each glass cabinet, aiming to support glass shelving and doors. It also makes people notice your booth.
  • Base materials: MDF with baking paint finishes. Glossy baking paint has a great effect, it makes the mall booth looks good and matches the brand theme well.
  • Other materials: LED light lamp, hardware, etc. Hardware and accessories are important for service kiosks, you can also add PVC flooring to hide wires and start a business well.

Production details

Workers produce the glass kiosk based on the confirmed kiosk design. The owner can see real effects during production and assembly. No matter when you need a phone kiosk and retailer booth, contact us now.

glass kiosk glass kiosk