Phone case kiosk is everywhere in the mall and street. Phone cases are used to protect and decorate mobile phones. Many poeple begin with a phone case kiosk to earn money. Purchasing a unique mobile phone kiosk Here is a nice phone case kiosk sharing with you.

moile phone case

Description of the phone case kiosk

This phone case has multiple function counters. It can display phone cases and tablet cases in the front glass cabinet. Each layer has an acrylic plate to prevent the phone cases from falling. Behind as lock cabinets for storing more items. The corner has a tall display stand used as a brand logo wall. It has multiple display shelving to show more phone cases for sale. Each layer has LED light to increase the brightness.

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phone kiosk

The main color is light gray with luminous red line decoration, making your cell phone kiosk outstanding and attractive. It’s also a good idea to put up lightbox paintings and posters on the side of the counter. That is to show the details of your service, products, and company culture to clients.

phone case kiosk

Phone case kiosk information:

  • Phone case kiosk size: 8ft by 8ft
  • Material Details: MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, light stip, acrylic plate, stainless steel, hollow-out logo, hardware.
  • Usage: It’s good to display all kinds of phone cases and smartphones and can also be used for phone repair kiosks. Clients can also experience warm services from your phone booth and learn more about your company.
  • Produce time: Produce time is about 28 working days from the order start. You will view production steps during production.

phone case kiosk

Real photos show

This phone kiosk looks very beautiful when completed. If you plan to start a phone kiosk business, contact us. We can customize it for you. Our design team will also create useful and high-end phone case kiosks soon.

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