Are you looking for a cell phone repair kiosk for a shopping mall? It’s a profitable idea to start with a cell phone repair kiosk to earn money because poeple are more likely to fix phones to obtain previous documents. Here is a nice phone repair kiosk sharing with you.

cell phone repair kiosk

Introduction of the cell phone repair kiosk

This cell phone repair kiosk has many glass display showcases and working tables. It can not only be used to provide phone repair services but can also sell necessary phone accessories, and phone cases to increase sales. The size is 15ft×10ft, which fits most of the space in the mall. The main color is orange and white, which is outstanding in the shopping center.

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phone repair kiosk

Counter details show

As we can see in the design photos, there are stairs and glass display counters on 4 sides. It is good to show multiple cases for better selection. Behind the counter, there are lock cabinets with shelving inside. It is good to use as storage. 4 corners have individual showcases, two of them are taller because of glass shelving with the top brand logo. People will notice your business when passing by. View cell phone kiosk ideas

cell phone kiosk

Produce photos show

Produce is following the confirmed 3D design drawing, so you can check and determine details. LED light is useful to highlight the phone case kiosk counter. It can highlight the cell phone repair shop.

phone accessories kiosk


  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Baking paint with a glossy effect
  • Other materials: Spotlight, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic, light lamp, etc.

All the cabinet door has locks that can open with one key. If you have special requirements, pls tell us in advance. No matter when you plan to open a cell phone repair kiosk, our sales team can help you well. We have an excellent design team to come up with new design ideas to make your phone kiosk look good and useful.

cell phone kiosk cell phone repair kiosk