Are you looking for a massage kiosk in the shopping mall? Massage booths and fitting shops are popular among people. It offers relaxing and healthy massages at great value prices at mall kiosks. Now people pay more and more attention to health and enjoyment, massage helps our bodies relax. Here is a nice massage kiosk sharing with you.

massage kiosk

Description of massage kiosk

The salon kiosk comes with a spacious reception counter and a long bench sofa for clients to comfortably sit down and relax. This allows for a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that customers feel comfortable from the moment they step inside.

One of the standout features of this massage kiosk is the tall tower display stand, prominently showcasing the brand logo. Placed strategically at the corner, it acts as a visual anchor, drawing attention to the kiosk and making it easily recognizable. Next to it, there is a reception desk, where friendly staff can greet and assist customers.

Inside the kiosk, there is ample space for massage equipment. Whether you prefer a massage chair or a massage table, this kiosk has you covered. The gray wooden floor adds a touch of sophistication and durability, making it easy to clean and maintain.

This massage kiosk is aesthetically pleasing and designed with functionality in mind. The layout allows for easy movement and comfortable seating, ensuring that clients can fully enjoy their massage experience. With its 8M by 6M size, it offers enough space to accommodate multiple customers at once, maximizing the potential for business.

massage kiosk design

Materials of Massage Kiosk

  • Material-MDF can process according to any shape, the surface is flat and smooth.
  • Finish-baking paint, apply three coats of primer and four coats of paint on the base material, each coat of paint is sent to a dust-free constant temperature baking room for baking.
  • Floor-PVC, PVC floor has high wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Logo-acrylic logo, has good transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance, is easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance, with light.