Eyebrow threading kiosks are good for earning money. Because eyebrow threading kiosks and eyelash extension services are highly acceptable by people. People want attractive eyes and good looks, and eyebrow threading kiosk can meet their demands. Now, I want to share an attractive eyebrow threading kiosk, you can get ideas to decorate your beauty kiosks.

brow bar counter

Introduction of eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading booth includes 5 working stations, a long waiting sofa, a reception counter, and a massage bed with a water sink in the private room. They fit in a space of 8m by 3m, we can make it fit your shop size. You can arrange all the counters in a suitable area for business. You can also use these stations for barber kiosks.

eyebrow studio

Brow studio details

  • Color: The main color is white with a wooden golden color. It looks very high-end and attracts people’s attention. It can also enhance your shop theme and leave a deep impression on clients. View salon shop equipment here.
  • Materials: We use MDF with a glossy surface treatment to build the eyebrow threading kiosk. Matches with wooden veneer decoration and a golden metal frame. That increases the professionalism, fashionable, and warm atmosphere for people. Yellow LED light surrounds the kicking, which makes your eyebrow salon shop outstanding.
  • Layout: The waiting sofa is set near the entrance, and 5 brow stations are set on the opposite side with a round mirror and cabinets. The brand logo and glass shelving set in the middle of the backside looks like a beauty salon shop. The Inner has a massage bed used as a massage kiosk and a water sink with storage cabinets set here to use as storage.

eyelash booth

Produce photo show

We can set lightbox paint, brand logo, menu, and decorations on the wall, which allows poeple to understand your business when passing by. It looks beautiful when completed with the light on. The owner likes it very much because it is very upscale after installation in the shopping center. No matter when you plan to start, contact us and get wonderful eyebrow-threading kiosks.

ibrow bar eyebrow extension kiosk