This is a candy cabinet used in the mall. At first glance, we can easily see the candy cabinet because of its bright colors. The colors of this candy cabinet are blue and red, which are very unique colors. From the side, we can see that there are many transparent acrylic boxes in the candy cabinet, which are containers for candy. This container is very simple to use, which is easy to classify candy and convenient for customers to buy their favorite types of candy.



In addition, we can also display different candies in the corner of the candy cabinet, such as lollipops, independently packaged candies, and so on. We can also see two glowing logos in the candy cabinet.  We usually place it in an eye-catching place so that customers can remember your candy business.

Bright spot

There is a lollipop model on the candy cabinet, the model is installed with a round light box, and you can put different patterns in the lightbox, this model makes the candy cabinet look more beautiful. In addition, there is also a light box on the side of the candy cabinet. On the lightbox, there is a lightbox with a lollipop pattern, which looks very novel and fashionable


This candy cabinet is MDF base material with baking paint treatment. Usually, we choose to primer the cabinet five times and finish it twice. We can also change the paint color of the cabinet according to your requirement. In addition, we will also install stainless steel kickers at the bottom of the cabinet, which can be used to prevent wear and tear. Other accessories: hardware, locks, etc

Other information

Size: Custom
Design time:2-3 days
Design amount: 300 USD
Production time: 22-26 days

Why choose us?

We have 20 years of design experience, a professional design team can customize according to your requirements, we will provide you with a unique design. The products we designed have been well received and returned by many customers