Perfume kiosks are very important in the shopping center. Because poeple require perfumes to gives poeple good smell and leave a deep impression. Whenever you plan to start a perfume kiosk in the shopping mall, this perfume kiosk is a great option for you. You can also customize perfume kiosks according to the brand theme and location.

Experience the allure of our stunning perfume kiosk design. Featuring a sleek glass showcase and a modern black-and-white color scheme, the kiosk looks elegant and attractive. At 3.5m by 2m in size, this kiosk exudes a high-end shop theme that is sure to captivate customers. No matter what’s your booth size, you will get an ideal perfume booth to start.

perfume counter

Reception Counter and Display Shelving

When customers approach the perfume kiosk, they are immediately greeted by a stylish reception counter featuring a striking brand sign. This invites them to step inside and discover the luxurious world of fragrances waiting within.

The display shelving at the mall kiosk design has three layers on each side. Providing ample space to showcase an extensive selection of perfumes. This setup allows customers to browse and compare different scents easily, making their shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.

With its sleek reception counter and versatile display shelving, the perfume kiosk offers a visually appealing and user-friendly layout for both customers and staff. The well-thought-out design ensures that every perfume bottle is prominently displayed, attracting attention and encouraging sales.

Perfume stall

Square Display Counter and Service Table

The Square Display Counter, positioned in the corner of the retail perfume kiosk, boasts a sleek glass showcase that exudes sophistication. This striking design attracts the attention of passersby and showcases our exquisite collection of perfumes in a visually appealing manner.

Located on the right-hand side, there is a convenient Service Table that offers clients the opportunity to sample our luxurious fragrances. This interactive experience allows customers to explore our range of scents, helping them make informed decisions and find their perfect match.

perfume cabinet

Long Display Counter and Brand Signage

The long display counter offers plenty of space for arranging various perfume bottles, allowing customers to easily browse and select their desired scents. Meanwhile, the glass display shelf provides a stylish platform for highlighting additional products. Creating a visually appealing presentation that entices shoppers to explore further.

On the right-hand side of the kiosk, a glass display adorned with brand signage adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. This branding element of the perfume kiosk establishes a strong brand presence, making it easier for customers to identify and connect with their favorite perfume brands.

Perfume booth

The LED light is very important for glass showcase, it can highlight the perfume products. And can also make your perfume booth outstanding. MDF with a glossy surface makes the whole perfume kiosk look good.