With the fast development of society, more and more people open display showcases in the shopping mall. It’s great to open a shopping center kiosk to make money. No matter what products you plan to sell, you can choose a suitable shopping center kiosk. Today, I want to share a friendly mobile phone kiosk sharing with you.

Retail booth

Introduction of shopping center kiosk

Unlike retail shop furniture or street booth, shopping center kiosk design, material, and layout need to meet shopping center specifications. For example, this mobile phone kiosk occupies a 3m by 2m locations, including glass display cabinets, wall cabinets, a reception counter, and a brand logo. Merchants can excellently arrange them to start a business well.

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mobile phone case kiosk

Cell phone kiosk at the shopping center

As we can see, there is an L-style counter near the entrance. It has multiple layers of shelving with LED light to show products better. Above, the shelving has a brand name and signage to focus on people. Next to it is a personal display cabinet, and there is a glass door at the back counter. The back side has a higher wall with hollow-out decoration on the top; we can also make unique styles to make it look better.

Shopping center kiosk

Color and materials

The primary color of the mall retail kiosk is dark gray, yellow, and white, which makes the mobile phone kiosk outstanding. Materials are MDF to make the kiosk body and glossy baking paint surface to get the texture. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, light box painting, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc. Whenever you plan to open a shopping center kiosk, we can help you well.