The teeth whitening kiosk is a good place to provide teeth care, whitening, and related services. With the fast development of lifestyle, poeple are focused more on their teeth. It’s a great idea to start a nice teeth whitening kiosk sharing with you. Here is a nice teeth whitening kiosk sharing with you. Let’s view more details together.

Teeth whitening kiosk

Description of teeth whitening kiosk

The primary color of the teeth whitening kiosk is white with a brilliant and glossy effect. It is suitable for a large location, allowing 4 people to enjoy teeth services together. It has high walls on both sides as background, which is good for protecting clients’ privacy. We can also attach advertising posters to attract clients.

One side has L style reception counter used for checking bills. The waiting sofa is on the opposite side for people to relax and wait. While another entrance has a glass display showcase, people can buy items when they leave your shop. It’s a great idea to add a lock cabinet to increase the storage area. Find more options for beauty kiosks

Produce photos show

teeth whitening counter teeth whitening cabinet

We can also add a ceiling with light to highlight the teeth whitening shop. It can also make your shop outstanding so that poeple will notice your shop from a far distance. The primary material is MDF with a baking paint surface. Other materials include LED light lamps, lightbox paintings, metal tubes, stainless steel kicks, etc. If you want a unique teeth whitening kiosk, get a customized teeth whitening kiosk from us now!

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