Knowledge is important in daily life. It promotes social development and technological progress. People gain knowledge through books, TV shows, news, newspapers, etc. It’s a good idea to open a book kiosk to earn money. You can sell children’s books, extracurricular books, novels, literary masterpieces, etc. Here is a nice book kiosk sharing with you.

Book kiosk

Mall book kiosk design

Description: We can see in the design, that this mall kiosk size is 3m by 3m. It is set in a space close to the railing, which means the book kiosk has 3 sides showcase area. Like most bookshelves, the retail kiosk has many open cabinets. You can place a series of books in one cabinet and label it. That is convenient for readers to pick up and buy.

book kiosk

Color: The main tone of the book kiosk is black with a matte glossy effect. That creates a high-end effect and can make your books outstanding.

Layout: From the outside, we can see there are multiple layers of shelving to place books. While inside has counters for work and the bottom has storage cabinets to restore more books for sale. Brand logo and posters attached to the kiosk as advertising.

book kiosk

Materials details:

We mainly use MDF as basic materials to build the retail kiosk, it is easy to use and can bear many books for sale. The surface treatment is matte baking paint, creating an upscale shop theme. Other materials include sliding drawers, acrylic logos, posters, and stainless steel kicking. You can also tell us the materials you want, we can use the required materials to build the book kiosk.

You can also add your requirements to the kiosk to make it special and unique. We have a professional design team to make 3D designs to show you the effect. View more book kiosk designs here.