Do you need a kiosk booth to participate in a trade show? Exhibition booths are a good option to gain new customers, promote the brand, and enhance the company theme. It can also help to obtain a good customer reputation. Whenever you need exhibition booths to show skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes, or boutiques, this kiosk booth is a great option. Today, I want to share a nice exhibition booth sharing with you.

exhibiton cabinet

Introduction of exhibition kiosk

This exhibition kiosk includes a reception counter, display showcase counter, round tables with chairs, and advertising posters. People can view your business directly. They can also experience your service and learn more about your products. It mainly uses dark colors combined with white highlights, which express an upscale feeling to the consumers. It also high levels the shop theme. View cosmetic kiosk design ideas

Exhibition counter

We can see there is a reception counter in the middle it has a black color countertop and frame with an inner white counterbody. Highly matches the mall booth theme. The top has a black metal frame with a spotlight to brighten the work area.

exhibition stand

The center of the booth is 2 round glass tables with metal support, and 4 chairs surround it. It’s convenient for clients to sit down and consult. It’s also a good place to sign the contract with clients. While there is a long display counter with curved corners. It’s good to show product samples to the consumers.

exhibition counter

We can see there is a black metal frame to support the brand signage and advertising posters. Allowing people to view your pop-up shop when passing by. Black flooring with stainless slop edges is also important for kiosk booths. It reminds poeple of entering your shop and can also increase a sense of professionalism. Whenever you need exhibition booths, contact us and get more suitable kiosk booth designs.

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