This is a display of jewelry cabinets used in jewelry stores.There have three different cabinets in the picture. This jewelry display case is mainly used to display single valuable jewelry, so its size is not large. This design has the advantage of drawing attention to high-value jewelry. From the front of the jewelry display case, you can see the appearance of this jewelry case. It is black. The upper part is used for displaying jewelry, and there will lights inside. The bottom half is a storage locker.

jewelry counter

jewelry display counter

Bright spot

1 Small volume, easy to move
2. Practical and beautiful
3 rotatable designs.


The jewelry cabinet is made of MDF and lacquered. In the jewelry display part, we will install led lights. We usually choose cool colors as the jewelry display lights to make the jewelry look brighter . At the same time, the bottom of the cabinet will installed gold stainless steel kicks, can prevent the bottom of the cabinet wear.Other accessories: if required. We can also provide hardware accessories, locks, stools, sofas, logos, etc.

jewelry counter

Other information

Size: custom
Design fee: We need to charge 300 dollars for the design fee, which will returned to you .
Design time: 2-3 days
Production time: 22-26 days
Packing: Packed in wooden cases

Mode of transportation: Sea, land, air, according to customer requirements to choose.

How to order?

First, we will make a 3D design. Then, we will modify it according to your requirements.

Secondly, we will make construction drawings for the customer to review

Thirdly,production cabinet.Quality checks will carried out after production is completed.

Finally, pack in wooden cases.

Why choose us?

We have 20 years of service experience. We have designed a variety of cabinets to many customers.In the process, got a lot of praise and placed orders again.This is enough to show that we are worthy of customer trust.


More importantly, we have a professional design team, can provide you with satisfactory design, professional service. The cabinets we design for each customer are unique, because our cabinets are customized according to customer requirements. Please contact us, thank you!