When you’re looking to open a new waffle kiosk, one of the most important things to consider is the design. A well-designed kiosk can attract more customers and make your business stand out from the competition. One popular design choice is a blue and red color scheme, which is eye-catching and visually appealing.

waffle kiosk

Introduction of waffle kiosk

The waffle kiosk is a large size, making it perfect for a spacious location area. With a big roof adorned with a brand logo and advertising posters, it has the look and feel of a high-end food restaurant in a shopping mall. The size of the waffle kiosk is about 5m by 3m, providing plenty of space to sell all kinds of waffles, crepes, pancakes, and other food items.

The blue and red color combination of the crepe kiosk is what sets it apart. The vibrant colors not only attract attention but also create a sense of excitement and energy. When customers see the kiosk, they’ll be drawn in by the inviting colors and enticing aroma of freshly made waffles.

waffle booth

At the front of the kiosk, there is a service counter with a cashier register at the corner. This setup makes it easy for customers to place their orders, pay for their food, and pick it up without any hassle. With entrance doors on both sides, it’s convenient for customers to enter and exit the kiosk quickly and efficiently.

While customers are not allowed inside the food court counter, the back side features a working table along with a storage cabinet. This area is perfect for storing necessary equipment and ingredients, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Wall shelving provides additional space to display products for sale, making it easy for customers to see what’s available.

waffle counter

Overall, the blue and red color waffle kiosk design with a roof is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to open a new food business. The eye-catching colors, spacious layout, and convenient setup make it a great option for attracting customers and maximizing sales. Whether you’re selling waffles, crepes, pancakes, or other delicious treats, this kiosk design is sure to help your business succeed.