Many poeple plan to start business with cell phone kiosks in the shopping mall. It’s good to display and sell mobile phones, phone accessories, and phone cases. Businessmen should purchase a unique and attractive phone kiosk to start. Today, I want to share a nice cell phone kiosk with you. It is good to use in the shopping mall, phone shop, and phone repair service center, … Let’s view details information together.

cell phone repair kiosk

Modern phone case kiosk design

As we can see in the design photo, this cell phone kiosk color is blue combined with white. The size is 2.5m by 2.5m, fit for most mall location areas. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint finishes. Other materials include LED light lamps, slat wall displays, light box painting, stainless steel, acrylic logo, etc.

phone counter

We can see the front side is an L-shaped counter with double layers. It’s good to use to check bills and for employees to work. The front counter has light box posters, so people can learn about your business and service directly. We can also attach the acrylic logo on the counters to leave a deep impression on the consumers.  Find more options for phone repair kiosks

The right-hand side is a much lower display counter with a countertop top only. It’s good for disabled people to review and buy cell phones. The back side has both a glass display cabinet and a big logo stand with locks. Each shelving has an LED light lamp to highlight the products. TV player, signage and posters are attached on the stand to attract poeple.

phone case display

Don’t forget to add a slat wall display cabinet with a glass door, it is good for hanging phone cases and accessories. It’s near the entrance door, which is convenient for people to purchase phones and accessories.

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