How do you think about starting a business with an exchange kiosk? It’s more like a service kiosk, which is convenient for people to transfer money and make overseas payments. Today, I want to share a nice exchange kiosk sharing with you. You can set it in the shopping mall, international airport, and train station, and even use it as a center service counter. If you provide travel consultation services or ticket exchange services, you can also choose this mall booth design. Let’s view more details information together.

Mall Booth

Custom mall booth design

This mall booth size is about 3m by 1.8m. Suits for 2 poeple working together. So that clients don’t need waiting in long line. The color theme is blue and white, increasing a sense of technology and making people notice your shop well.  The primary material is MDF with baking paint surfaces, which have a smooth and brilliant effect. A stainless steel kick protects the mall booth well. Besides, LED light makes the overall exchange looking good and good for staff to work.

Display cabinet

As we can see in the design, there is a large signage “exchange” on 3 sides of the counters. Remind people from all directions to make an exchange when they are in need.  The service counter has 2 layers of countertop, the top layer is convenient for customers to sign off. While the bottom layer uses for staff to work. It not only leaves a clean impression on clients but also convenient for clients to put necessary items easily reach. Find more reception kiosk options

Mall cabinet

While the back side has high walls with advertising posters or TV players. Behind is a white LED light lamp decorating the wall. The entrance door is set in the middle for easy access. We can see there is a top ceiling with a slogan to help people understand your business.

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