How do you think to start with a 3D printing kiosk in the shopping mall? Today, I want to introduce a nice retail kiosk to you. This stunning showcase features a beautiful blue color with a sleek black frame decoration, making it a stylish addition to any retail space.

Attractive booth

Description of a retail kiosk

It suits a location of 3m by 3m area. Merchants can good to show and sell sticker haus, toys, custom cups, and boutiques. The front side of the showcase is designed in a unique U shape, crafted from tempered glass to ensure durability and safety. We can see the glass cabinet has two layers. People can display a wide range of products and catch the attention of potential customers. LED lights provide a vibrant and eye-catching display.

retail booth

On the left side of the showcase is an entrance with a tower display panel, providing the perfect space for showcasing your logo or brand. This strategic placement ensures that your brand is prominently visible to passersby, increasing brand awareness and attracting potential customers. Find more glass kiosk design

glass kiosk

At the back size is a convenient counter for checking bills or assisting customers with their purchases. This practical feature adds functionality to the showcase, making it a versatile and valuable asset to your business. Adjacent to the counter, a large printer machine is placed, allowing you to offer on-demand 3D printing services to your customers. With a storage cabinet conveniently located underneath the printer machine, you can easily store and access printing supplies, ensuring a seamless and efficient printing process.

Mall booth effect after installation.

3D printing kiosk

To maximize visibility and foot traffic, merchants can position it against the back wall. Or near an elevator, or in a prime location within a shopping center. Whatever special location size or area you get, we can customize suitable mall kiosks for you.