Jewelry kiosks become more and more popular in the shopping mall. No matter whether you plan to sell gold, crystal, jewelry, boutique, or Jade, it’s a good option to purchase a wonderful mall kiosk. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk with you. It’s what we design and produce for a US customer. No matter what is your location size, we can make it fit well.

Description of jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk combines blue and gray colors, looks attractive, and can better highlight the jewelry. It suits an area of 10ft by 15ft and includes full glass cabinets. Each cabinet has an LED light lamp to brighten the jewelry products. We can also add shelving in the glass showcase to display items better. The bottom showcase has slop panels, which is convenient for clients to see the bottom jewelry better.

jewelry display showcase

The corner has a single glass cabinet with LED light lamps to show products. We can also set up a brand logo stand with posters or TV screens, that’s better express your business to clients. While the counters have a brand name to remind poeple of your brand theme. There are individual LED light strips with metal frame support. It is not only used as decoration but also leaves a deep impression on clients. Find more options about watch kiosks

jewelry cabinet

We can also add an individual panel a little over the countertop, so people will glance at your brand when choosing jewelry. There is an individual counter in the center of the jewelry kiosk. Which is good to use as a cashier counter and storage. No matter whether you plan to start a jewelry kiosk business, contact us and view modern jewelry kiosk designs.

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