The watch kiosk has multiple glass showcase areas. It is good to express watches to the clients. Merchants can also provide watch repair services to gain more loyal customers. Good watch kiosk design plays a significant role in crease business and helps with promoting brand theme. At first, people wore watches to check the time at any time, and the watch could also be used as a decoration to express personality. With the advent of smartwatches/smart bracelets, watches are frequently used daily. Now is an excellent time to start a watch business. You can choose the right shape and decoration style according to the product and customer positioning. No matter how unique your ideas are, Mall Kiosk can help you make excellent watch booth designs.

The watch kiosk can display products at different prices for guests while allowing staff to organize watches by category. Like the jewelry kiosk, the watching booth has many glass showcases. You can add LED light on the cabinets to highlight and protects items. You can also use display shelving with bottom storage drawers to get a good layout. Especially for booths against walls and railings, it is an excellent idea to use wall cabinets. You can also attach posters and brand logos to the wall.

How to Renovate a Watch Shop

The decoration of the watch store is very particular. The watch kiosk counter, lighting, customer experience, reception, and product placement area need upscale design. Because a good watch store can give guests a good experience, it also improves your products to a higher level. The following are four decoration schemes for your reference.

  1. watch kioskWood grain decoration. The wood grain gives a feeling of calm and atmosphere. You can design small wooden squares, and each small square is placed with a displayed product. Under the soft orange light, the watch has an extra texture. A display rack sets next to the wooden display cabinet shows many types of watches. A large glass display area can be set up in the middle to display customers’ products in an all-around way.
  2. Casual style. If this is your entrepreneurial project, choosing to decorate your store in a simple sporty style is a good idea. You can also add products to enhance the mood and increase store sales, such as hats, scarves, brooches, and more. You can display casual watch types.
  3. High-end brand style. High-end brand watch kiosks usually sell commercial watches. You can decorate the watches booth like a showroom to attract people’s attention. If you sell high-end brand watches, the most important thing is to highlight the brand and let customers feel the brand culture. Secondly, the logo and posters need to be eye-catching to achieve the effect of integrating the product and the brand.
  4. Simple and sophisticated style. The exquisite watch stall always impresses guests. So merchants can use white decorations with transparent glass display cabinets to give people a simple and refined feeling. The bright lights reflect the products’ texture and enhance the store’s level. This decoration style has a business atmosphere and can attract well-established and successful people.

These watch shop designs may help you gain more ideas.

Design essentials of watch kiosk

Design is the embodiment of the image of the merchant’s store. It’s also one of the ways your guests can differentiate you from your competitors. You can find a professional designer team to help you. Mall Kiosk not only provides professional design to meet customized requirements, but we can also produce watch booths that meet your ideas. You can get the watches booth you want to start your business.

  • Simple and straightforward: Brevity and clarity are the best ways to engage your audience. The average person can only receive limited information in an instant. The audience is in a hurry, and if you can hit their minds instantly, they will come into the store to buy. In addition, the simple display counter design also quickly improves the staff’s work efficiency.
  • Unique and fantastic: The distinctive design can attract more visitors and make it easier for visitors to identify and find. It is imperative to impress, move and remember the guests who enter the store. The showcase design is unique but close to the purpose and commercial image of the exhibition.

Glass display showcase

The glass is safe and environmentally friendly and significant functions in watch display cabinets’ production materials. There are two main types of glass, which are divided into the flat mirror and unique glass. Let’s look at it to choose the right drink to make.

  1. Flat glass. The balanced glass process mainly includes vertical lead (with or without groove), flat drawing, and float method. Standard sizes are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The glass thickness of the mobile phone display cabinet is usually 8mm. Flat glass generally uses in the doors, windows, and screens of storefront decoration.
  2. Special glass. Specialty glass has a large family, and they all have their characteristics. Watch kiosks, mobile phone kiosks, jewelry cabinets, retail mall kiosks, and sunglasses kiosks usually use tempered glass—material details are as below.
  • ① Tempered glass: High strength, strong resistance, tensile, and impact resistance are three to five times higher than flat glass.
  • ② frosted and sandblasted glass: The degree of difference is low and often defined as the same kind of glass through frosted and sandblasted processing. Usually used on the pantry countertop or anywhere you want to hide.
  • ③ Patterned glass: It can transmit light but is not transparent.
  • ④Wired glass: Embedding wire or mesh in the glass material. In this way, once the glass is broken, there will be a mesh on the surface, and the glass slag will not fall and cause harm to the human body.
  • ⑤Laminated glass: Laminated glass combines two or more pieces of glass through an adhesive layer. When the glass is broken, it will stick to the adhesive, which is very safe.
  • ⑥Insulating glass: Combine two pieces of glass, and there is a gap in the middle containing dry air to achieve sound insulation.
  • ⑦Hot bending glass: strong plasticity