Retail booth and pop-up shop cabinet is very important for a perfume business. It’s a great idea to open a retail booth to earn money. No matter whether you plan to sell cosmetics, boutiques, perfume, jewelry, phone accessories, sunglasses, or other items. this retail booth helps well. Let’s learn more information together.

mall kiosk

Customize perfume kiosk design

This perfume kiosk looks like a rectangle style and fits a location around 4m by 2m or 5m by 2m area. We can see there is a golden panel decorating each counter. It enhances the sense of design and makes your store stand out. There are different levels of glass display cabinet on the top, so that poeple can view all kinds of perfumes directly. We can add sling drawers and a locked cabinet behind for better usage.

perfume booth

Besides, there are 4 taller single square display showcases in the corner area, it used as the main display area. So merchants can put attractive and hot selling perfumes here, poeple can view easily when passing by. Brand name and logo can be put at the front counter to remind poeple of your business. Moreover, the tall panels also have a logo with golden light. Behind is the reception counter with a cashier register for checking bills. View more retail kiosk design

perfume counter

Lighting is very important for mall retail kiosks, especially for perfumes. It not only decorates the mall booth but also makes the items look good. What’s more, the lighting can also promote the dispersion of fragrance, and customers will be attracted by the charming fragrance and buy it inadvertently.

If you have a perfume kiosk style in mind or have different ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a professional design team. Can design it to fit your demands and show how your kiosk will finally look like.