With the fast development of the economy, many people plan to start with perfume kiosks to earn money. No matter whether you plan to start with a retail booth or retail shop in the mall. This perfume kiosk is a good option. Because it can not only show perfumes in a good way but also leave a deep impression on consumers. Merchants can promote brand concepts in a good way.

Jewelry kiosk

Description of perfume kiosk

As we can see in the design, this perfume shop is suitable in a location of a cross or corner. People can view your shop in different directions. Because there is a clear sales window display at the front, merchants can set up different levels of display counters with multiple layers. It is a good idea to express perfume and sets of cosmetics to clients.

At the left side entrance, we can put a display counter along with a water sink. Clients can wash their hands before touching products. While there are makeup stations with mirrors and chairs against the wall. People can enjoy makeup services. The shop center uses as room divider with a brand image wall, and a cashier counter near it to check bills.

Makeup counter

While another wall has a long display counter with wall posters behind. It’s convenient for clients to understand your business and hot-selling items. There is a seating sofa along with a small table at the backside. VIP customers or accompanist persons can sit down for a rest. Brand signage attached to the wall makes poeple remember your brand well. View more cosmetic kiosk designs.

Cosmetic kiosk

We can also set up individual display stands near the entrance, so people can view and purchase items when they go by. Whenever you are planning to start with a cosmetic kiosk, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.