The handbag kiosk is mainly used to display and sell all kinds of handbags. Whether you want t luxury handbag display or a modern mall booth design, you can find suitable kiosk design here. Purchase a wonderful handbag kiosk high level the brand and add product value. Today, I want to share a nice handbag kiosk with you. Let’s view more details with you.

handbag cabinet

Custom handbag kiosk

The handbag kiosk size is 3m by 3m and looks like a pop-up shop in the mall. Popele can view and purchase handbags conveniently. The primary colors are brown wood and white, which look attractive and can reflect products well. Materials include plywood with natural wood finishes, stainless steel, LED light lamp, metal tube support, etc.

handbag booth

We can see there is a double-layer display counter on the left-hand side. It vividly shows more handbags uniquely. It stands on the green floor with metal base support. As we can see the right-hand side has a display cabinet that looks like a long flowerpot. It has metal trees to hang handbags. Which vividly shows the products to clients. While the bottom has a locked cabinet for storage. Near it reception counter for checking bills. View shoe kiosk design

handbag counter

The center of the handbag shop has a mannequin, which shows how the effect of the handbag directly. Customers can intuitively feel the design and details of the bags, which increases their desire to buy. While the back side baswall display cabinet surrounds the column. Which increases the showcase area and makes the overall handbag kiosk look better.

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