Recently, more and more poeple are likely to start businesses outdoors. Shipping container kiosks are a good place to sell coffee and food. It is a large location and is durable enough to bear changeable weather. I want to share a nice 20ft shipping container kiosk design with you today. Hope to give you more ideas to make your coffee kiosk.

coffee container kiosk design

Description of shipping container kiosk

This shipping container kiosk is 20ft, it includes ceiling light decoration, wall decoration, and counters with storage cabinets. Businessmen can place coffee machines, and refrigerators properly. It helps increase work efficiency and can enhance the company theme. The primary color is brown with wooden finishes, which highly matches the products and makes the coffee shop outstanding.

coffee restaurant shop

We can see the container kiosk open on both sides, which allows popele to order and purchase conveniently. There are service counters with black stone countertops, which look good and make the kiosk durable to use. The display showcase is put on the counter to help people view and purchase food. The menu attached on both sides guides poeple to purchase their favorite items. Besides, there are individual counters with wheels, shop owners can place them outside, and people can help themselves.

cafe bar counter

Seating areas are very important for outdoor coffee shops, people can sit down for a rest and enjoy their meals. The shipping container has hydraulic doors when opening the kiosk, people can add tables and chairs there. Flowers decoration, LED light lamps, and brand logos are good to make the coffee kiosk outstanding. If you are looking for nice container restaurant, contact us for more details.